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Blacks Legal • Feb 16, 2022

You may be wondering if you really do need a litigation lawyer. On one hand, lawyers are expensive, but on the other, they can also mean the difference between you winning a case or not. A litigation lawyer can handle a wide variety of cases and can help you navigate through what can be an incredibly complicated system.

Here are a few types of disputes where you’ll definitely want a lawyer.

Personal Injury

If you are hurt on the job, misdiagnosed by a medical professional, or injured in a car accident, you should definitely enlist some legal help. Companies, doctors, and insurance adjusters all have access to some pretty powerful lawyers and can make a claim disappear very quickly if you don’t have someone fighting on your side.

Landlord/Tenant Issues

Landlord/tenant relationships can quickly break down when there is an issue. If you are not able to resolve it quickly on your own, a civil litigation attorney can help both parties by finding documentation and proof of claims. This effectively removes the ‘he said, she said’ part of the argument.

Business Disputes

Business disputes range from financial disputes and fraud accusations to partners clashing or allegations of cheating. There are often a lot of emotions involved in business disputes and a litigation lawyer can get to the bottom of the problem. They will seek out the facts to make sure the result ends up being fair.

Family Disputes

Family disputes can be the most emotional and complicated of all the different types of disputes and it is important to include a litigation lawyer who is impartial. Feelings and resentments can run deep in this type of dispute and often cases can take years and years to be resolved. Bringing in professional legal help may mean that a dispute is resolved quickly and your family can begin to move past it.

Employment Disputes

Whether the accusation is wrongful termination or mistreatment, anytime you deal with someone's livelihood, it becomes an extremely sensitive matter. Employment disputes often deal with strong personalities and a lot of emotion. A civil litigation attorney will dig into both sides of the story, look for the facts and help you win.

Anytime you are dealing with a dispute that will involve the courtroom, it is important to involve an expert. Having a litigation lawyer on your side will help you get to a quick resolution that is just and fair.

If you’re part of a dispute, contact Blacks Legal for legal help. We can look into your case and help you come out on top.

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