The world of entertainment requires expert solicitors who can handle legal affairs with a fine-tooth comb. Blacks Legal specialises in media, entertainment and sports cases, no matter how big or small.

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Whether you need a sports contract lawyer, or an entertainment solicitor for your record label, Blacks Legal has it covered. Based in Ilford, we cover work across London and Essex, working with a range of clients within these legal sectors.

Before making important decisions, you must seek legal advice from a professional team. We offer a leading service, with our top priority being your satisfaction and achieving the best outcome for your situation.



Why choose our contracts solicitors?

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, we know our industry like the back of our hands. When it comes to handling contracts, we’re on hand to check the fine details and ensure that you’re in the best legal position possible. Our team includes sports solicitors who will provide legal support, as well as entertainment and media experts.

Who are Blacks Legal?


Ensure your contract is legally sound

Every client is unique. That’s why we customise every one of our plans to fit your needs exactly. Whether it’s a new football signing or the complex terms for a music publishing agreement, we ensure that we provide comprehensive advice and guidance and we will sit down with you, listen to your requests and prepare a customised plan.

Expert sports solicitors for athletes, managers, clubs, and sporting associations

At Blacks Legal, we are proud to provide expert legal advice for a broad range of clients in the sports industry. We represent clients from a range of organisations and disciplines, from huge football and rugby clubs right the way down to crucial grass-roots clubs. Regardless of the size of our clients, the principles that our sports solicitors are proud to uphold remain the same. At our core, we help you through legal processes from beginning to end, offering expert legal advice and representation.

Our specialist sports lawyers and contract solicitors take the time to fully understand our clients’ concerns and considerations so that we can help them to accomplish their legal aims to their fullest capacity. Due to the nature of the industry, a lot of cases will attract significant media attention, so another one of our core principles is to guide our clients through these complex legal processes in a diplomatic and skilled manner and we take pride in having utmost professionalism throughout.


Sports law - services

  • Drafting Contracts
  • Sponsorship Agreements
  • Player Transfer Agreements
  • Contract Disputes
  • Reputation Management and Defamation
  • Disciplinary Matters and Appeals
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Sports Injuries
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Financial Crisis Management
  • Club Restructuring & Shareholding
  • Family Matters / Divorce
  • Criminal Matters and Driving Offences
  • Employment Contracts and Disputes
  • Property Disputes

Drafting sports contracts

Sport is an extremely competitive - but rewarding - industry, continuously developing. This makes it a hugely profitable sector for businesses in quest of establishing contracts within it.

The commercial potential within the sporting industry is now globally recognised, with sport now worth over 3% of the world's total trade. The exponential growth of the sporting industry in recent times has brought with it some incredible business opportunities. The progression of media and technology has also produced great opportunities for businesses involved in the sporting sector to capitalise on the potential for commercial gain.


Managing the interests of the business

In order to cover each and every professional interest a business may have, it's of no great surprise that businesses involved in the world of sport are looking to solicitors to get hold of commercially adept advice at the earliest possible opportunity. This allows us to make informed decisions, integral to the protection of each client’s objectives, whilst also satisfying commercial objectives. Our specialist solicitors possess an unparalleled reputation for providing commercial clarity, coupled with detailed knowledge of national and international rules and regulations governing such sporting contracts.


Successfully drafting a sports contract

At Blacks Legal, our multi-disciplinary sports business team are distinguished for drafting complex sports contracts in an array of sports, starting from grassroots level, reaching to the highest level. We frequently act for sponsors, promoters, organisers, PR companies and agents.

Our skilled solicitors ensure that our business clients are able to maximise sponsorship potential, protecting any core values and objectives, whilst minimising any potential risk involved with such contracts. At Blacks Legal, we believe it is our duty to provide clients with commercially clear and straight-to-the-point advice on all aspects of the contract, ensuring it reflects exactly what has been agreed.


Sponsorship agreements

Sponsorship Agreements usually allow the sponsor company to profit off the image, success, reputation or public profile of a sportsperson or organisation, in return for some kind of financial profit.

The sponsor company looks to profit from being linked with the sportsperson, reaping any marketing benefits that arise. We recognise the dynamics that form a successful agreement, as well as recognising that both the sponsor company and the sponsored athlete have the eventual aim of maximum financial gain from the relationship.


Why seek sponsorship advice?

At Blacks Legal, we hold a wealth of expertise in carefully drafting these diligent Sponsorship Agreements for the well-being of both sports-people and organisations, in addition to representing a number of sponsorship companies. We have experience of working with top sporting brands, ranging from nutritional companies to apparel providers.

Our previous successes involve drafting Sponsorship Agreements and incorporating high value retainers for our sports clients. We also have experience of maximising these complex agreements to include any relevant bonuses and clauses to suit each and every individual need. Additionally, we are able to minimise any potential risk that may be associated with such agreements, and we will ensure that an agreement is legally enforceable in the event of a dispute.


Player transfer agreements

In the highly competitive world of sport, it is important to seek legal advice at the outset to ensure your interests are suitably protected and catered for. This is especially important when negotiating a transfer agreement. There is an inherent need to maximise any financial reward in what can sometimes be a short-lived career.


Advice for protecting commercial interests

Sports contracts concerning transfer agreements for players are extremely complex. Blacks Legal's specialist sports law solicitors possess a wealth of experience in this area and are experts at drafting such agreements, maximising the benefit to the particular client. We frequently advise and stand for clients on the regulatory framework governing player transfers in numerous sports. Our immense knowledge of the intricate legal provisions and the commerciality of the sporting arena allow us to successfully look after the specific interests of the client.

The negotiation and formulation stages of such agreements are inherently difficult. It is therefore important to think about every eventuality, including relevant bonuses, such as goal or event victory bonuses, and clauses specific to promotion or relegation. We have a ton of experience representing individuals and clubs in transfer negotiations. We can also offer advice on any sponsorship deals, intellectual property rights and merchandising provisions that spring from such transfers.


Sports contract dispute solicitors

Disputes in sport are a common feature, as it is a highly competitive business to be involved in. In the current economic climate, sports business disputes are on the rise. On a national and international scale, Blacks Legal can assist with such disputes.

Our solicitors possess a wealth of experience in acting for agents, brand owners, event organisers, promoters, companies and clubs who may find themselves involved in such disputes. Our unique experience allows us to deal with the most compound of sports contracts, with the goal of looking for a systematic and cost-effective solution, personalised to the requirements of all clients.


Alternative dispute resolution and scope for early settlement

There are many ways in which a dispute can be settled, depending on the particular facts and conditions of the case. An extremely time consuming, expensive and uncertain route is the court proceedings route. Of late, there has been a rise in out of court settlement, with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) increasing in popularity as it can be cheaper, less stressful and a more certain method of sorting out a dispute, either through arbitration or mediation. Our specialist lawyers will cater you, with a detailed early evaluation on the scope to settle your case, via ADR and any additional options that may be available to you.


Seeking specialist legal advice

It is crucial to seek legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity. This is to reduce cost and increase the chances of resolving the matter. Here at Blacks Legal, we provide our clients with clear, commercial advice at the outset and assess any available options whether this is the use of ADR or commencing, maintaining or defending a claim through the courts.

We implement a results-focussed approach for every one of our clients and we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of any possible options that are available to you. We endeavour to find the most cost-effective and efficient solution possible, whilst maintaining the interests of the business.


Arbitration solicitors

Arbitration is gradually starting to become a more used forum for fixing commercial disputes. Unlike litigation, arbitration procedures produce quicker outcomes, all whilst being confidential.

At Blacks Legal, we have successfully arbitrated a range of disputes, where we have come across the most sensitive, intricate and high value contractual disagreements. We recurrently act on behalf of international companies, sports people and high net worth individuals in all the main arbitration forums, including those subject to the rules of the ICC, UNCITRAL, the various forums for settling sports disputes and ad hoc arbitration.

At Blacks Legal, we guide you through the arbitration process, helping you navigate the rules and providing hard-headed advice throughout. We also act in post-arbitration proceedings to include appeals and the enforcement of awards.

Our work can mean liaising with [the]:

  • Premier League Board
  • Football Disciplinary Commission (FDC)
  • British Boxing Board of Control
  • Sport Resolutions
  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) / International Court of Arbitration
  • General bodies that are not affiliated to a particular board

Media and entertainment

The Media and Entertainment industries are always evolving, with the internet providing new opportunities to get your message out, but also creating a series of new challenges and intricacies. We provide legal advice to individuals and businesses across the music, TV, film and digital media industries.



There are now more ways than ever to get your music out there, from streaming services to TV sync deals. It also means it is more important than ever to make sure your rights are protected across all platforms.

Our expert music lawyers can help you to get the right contracts in place to assure the best deals for you and your clients.


Who do you work with in the music industry?

Our music solicitors work with individuals and businesses across the music industry, including:

  • Record labels
  • Recording artists and songwriters
  • Music publishing companies
  • Licensing companies
  • Management companies
  • Brands

We're proud to work with many renowned personalities and names in the entertainment and media industry.


What music law services do we provide?

Some of the areas we can help with include:

  • Brand deals
  • Writing and reviewing recording and publishing contracts
  • Trademarks and intellectual property
  • Royalty and contract disputes
  • Negotiating royalty arrangements
  • Reputation management

We strive to help artists, management teams and record labels develop their careers and secure the best deals for them, whilst at the same time, build long-term relationships. In an industry that’s constantly evolving, you can count on us to support you every step of the way.


Why choose Blacks Legal's music lawyers?

Our experience across the music and entertainment industries means that we are ready to help with whatever situation you bring us.

Kas works exclusively with music and entertainment clients. With a deep understanding of the industry, he is now one of the go-to lawyers for individuals and businesses that call for music-related representation and legal advice.



Being an influencer is a recent phenomenon, making it even more important to protect your rights in a fresh legal territory. For example, this role can land you a lot of different deals with a broad range of brands and companies. Regardless of the nature of the case, our contract solicitors are well poised to help you protect your intellectual property and to settle any disputes that may arise.

Blacks Legal is a great option for influencers because our full-service law firm advises on both personal and business law, meaning that we can give you joined-up advice where it is appropriate. This has allowed us to work with influencers alongside agents, platforms, podcasters, and other digital media creators. Importantly, we understand the ins and outs of the industry and can help guide you to the most appropriate resolution for your case.

As you rise to stardom in the world of digital media, we understand that life moves very quickly, leaving you less time for legal work. This is where our contracts experts and solicitors can help you. We make sure to explain everything clearly to make sure that you are prepared for whatever comes next.

Whatever stage your career is at, we have a team of solicitors ready to advise you on:

  • Commercial litigation and dispute resolution – resolving disputes when things don’t work out
  • Intellectual property – how to protect your image rights and the content you make
  • Commercial contracts – writing and advising on contracts to make sure you get what you want from your business relationships
  • Wealth management – financial and investment advice to help you protect your wealth
  • Regulations and compliance – helping you comply with rapidly-changing advertising regulations
  • Tax – managing your tax as efficiently as possible, and helping with HMRC enquiries or disputes

When choosing to work with Blacks Legal, we are not just an ordinary lawyer. We will be your devoted, go-to support and a long-term strategic advisor. We make sure you get access to our reputable industry networks, so you can meet all the right people to progress your career even more. We’ll help you be acquainted with chances when they appear and make sure you are always in the best legal place to benefit from those opportunities.

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