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The Five Most Expensive Football Transfers of all Time

Football is a sport that is renowned for having transfers that include huge sums of money. Here are the five most expensive transfers of all time.

Are You Buying a Shared Ownership Home? Here’s How Residential Property Lawyers Can Help

Anyone buying a home needs a property law expert on their side. Find out how residential property solicitors can help you secure a shared ownership home.

How Can Commercial Property Solicitors Help Landlords And Tenants?

The world of law is complex, with a huge number of legal practice areas. Continue reading to discover the responsibilities of a commercial property solicitor.

What Is A Sports Solicitor?

The complex world of sports requires expert solicitors who can handle legal affairs and contractual agreements when required. Read on to find out more.

Do You Need a Litigation Lawyer?

In some cases, you may be unsure if you need a litigation lawyer. They can be the difference between winning the case or not. Here’s when to use one.

Tips for Negotiating a Commercial Lease

Navigating a commercial lease can be a difficult matter to handle. It’s important you try and get the best outcome possible for your business. Here are our tips.

Commercial Property Law: What you need to know

As with many areas of law, commercial property law can be somewhat complex. That said, there are some key things it's useful to know. Here we list them.

What is Legal Aid?

Do you have a legal issue that you can’t afford to raise? Legal aid might be able to help you get the justice you deserve - read this blog to find out how.

Resolving Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Need to resolve a landlord-tenant dispute? At Blacks Legal, we can handle civil litigation cases and landlord-tenant disputes across London and Essex.

Four Reasons To Hire A Music Lawyer

Starting out in the music industry? We look at some of the key reasons to hire legal counsel, from registering a trademark to protecting your brand.

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