Planning Permission

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Planning Permission

Seeking planning permission can be a long and complex process, but at Blacks Legal our team can assist you, making it as smooth and simple as possible. Planning has to be considered case-by-case as each situation is so different, and the route you follow will differ depending on the type of property you're seeking to develop.

Planning is not always necessary, but our team can help establish what you need to do to follow all rules and regulations and then help you throughout the process from start to finish, no matter how big or small your project is.

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Planning is needed for the vast majority of property development, with exceptions often only being small changes to walls or fences below certain heights. However, this depends upon the property and location of the walls and fences themselves. There may be further exceptions for internal modifications if the building is not a listed building.

Change of use of property

It is not just adding or taking away from the property, but also a change of purpose that could require planning to be submitted and approved. If you are changing the purpose of the property but the purpose falls into a previous use, then planning isn't needed. It is always best to seek advice if you want to change the purpose of the property to ensure all health and safety measures are met, and that your use falls within the purpose.


Residential home as commercial property

If you are running a business from your residential home, planning permission could be required if there is a disturbance to other residents, such as additional traffic. The primary purpose of the property must remain as a private dwelling, if this is not to be the case it is essential to seek planning permission.

For minor extensions or additional buildings within the original building boundaries of your residential property, it is always best to check with a professional whether you need planning permission or not as the rules can be complex. Modern estates often have restrictions on if you can carry out minor extensions and before you begin with your extension the planning must be approved to prevent further costs later down the line


Do I need planning permission?

It is always advised that you seek planning permission before you begin your build. Although costly, being caught building without planning permission will only lead to even higher costs further down the line.

If you do build without planning permission, your local authority could take action against you, this is known as a planning enforcement action. This action can be taken anywhere from 4-10 years after the build has begun depending on the situation. If you have a planning enforcement action taken out against you, you should contact our team right away.


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How can we help sellers?

Our team can help you prepare to sell, including helping you create a buyer pack with all the details a potential buyer will more than likely wish to see before they buy, including any planning permission information relating to the property, the commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or even an asbestos survey, if relevant.

Having a solicitor to negotiate on your behalf, working on the exchange of contracts and the complex legalities of selling the property will always be a huge benefit and keep you on the right track with your sale.


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