Property Litigation

Based in Holborn and Ilford, Blacks Legal are commercial property solicitors able to offer a range of legal services, including expert legal advice on commercial property law, rental renewals and franchise agreements.

Property Litigation

Owning property can come with many challenges, and unfortunately, can involve disputes. At Blacks Legal, we have the experience to help you from the start to avoid disputes arising or escalating.

We can advise on all areas of property litigation, ensuring any action taken is as straightforward as possible. Contact our team today to find out more about how we can assist you.


What is property litigation?

Buying commercial property can be a long process, and it’s critical to speak to experts from the beginning to ensure the process is as smooth as can be.

Property litigation covers many disputes, not only between a landlord and tenant. Any disputes around the use or ownership of property can fall under property litigation, including:

beneficial interest claims

boundary disputes

disputes with lenders

land registration

tribunal cases

breaches of contract

service charge disputes

break options 

assignment, sub-letting, change of use, alterations


Commercial boundary disputes

Knowing where the boundaries of your land lie is critical, especially if you are looking to develop your property further or sell it. Having someone else on your land without permission can seriously impact the value when it comes to selling, but working out where boundaries lie can be complex and often leads to a dispute. 

Boundary disputes happen extremely often, particularly if you are looking to make improvements to areas that are seen as marking the boundary of your property, such as walls or fences. Dispute issues can be damaging to your relationship with your neighbours along with being very costly, and often over a very small area of land.

The sooner you seek professional advice, the better prepared you will be to face the dispute. Our team can assist you throughout from various alternative dispute resolution methods to litigation in court. 


Land registration

In England and Wales, the land registry keeps track of who owns what land and property, including any changes or loans such as mortgages held against the land or a right of way.

The land registry is there to protect your rights in the property; therefore, it is crucial to ensure you are correctly registered as soon as possible. Rejections can be made against an application to the land registry; our team can help you make or fight this rejection and negotiate with the other party to prevent the case from proceeding to court.

Contact our team today on 020 3500 7471 if you need advice regarding a property dispute.


Why choose us?

Blacks Legal aims to be your full-service law firm, supporting all your legal needs. Our teams work together to ensure all your needs are met with efficient service.

With extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution and representation, our team can handle the legalities allowing you to continue your working relationship on the best terms possible.


How can we help sellers?

Our team can help you prepare to sell, including helping you create a buyer pack with all the details a potential buyer will more than likely wish to see before they buy, including any planning permission information relating to the property, the commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or even an asbestos survey, if relevant.

Having a solicitor to negotiate on your behalf, working on the exchange of contracts and the complex legalities of selling the property will always be a huge benefit and keep you on the right track with your sale.


Why choose us?

At Blacks Legal, we know that commercial property is challenging. That's why we always aim to provide fast and efficient legal advice to help you get the best results possible no matter where you are on your commercial property journey.

With our client-friendly approach, we will always have your needs at the centre of what we do, keeping you updated every step of the way.


Property Dispute Solicitors in London and Essex

Litigation can be costly, so our highly experienced team always seeks to solve issues as efficiently as possible, saving you both time and money. Call us on 020 3500 7471 or complete our online enquiry form today.