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Blacks Legal • Mar 09, 2022

The complex world of sports requires expert solicitors who can handle legal affairs and contractual agreements when required, and with this as one of the many areas that a solicitor can specialise in, a sports solicitor is an expert in his discipline. Blacks Legal LTD excel in media, entertainment and sports cases, no matter how big or small. You can rest assured that our team of trained professionals are capable of tackling all sports-related issues, with our top priority being your satisfaction and achieving the best outcome for your situation.

Read on to find out more about the responsibilities and daily tasks of a sports solicitor within a legal firm.

The Role Of A Solicitor

A solicitor is trained to take instructions from a range of clients, including individuals, groups and companies. The solicitor will advise such clients on courses of legal action relevant to their circumstances. The responsibilities of solicitors will vary dependent on their law firm or position within a legal department, while general duties may include:

●     Defending clients.

●     Researching various legal practices.

●     Instructing Barristers on cases that go to court.

●     Assisting trainee solicitors.

●     Keeping up-to-date with developments in the law.

●     Forming and maintaining relationships with a law firm’s clients.

●     Simplifying complex legal subjects to be understood by non-professionals.

●     Researching cases of interest.

Contracts And Sponsorships

Experience of working with sports contracts is important for any sports solicitor, and at Blacks Legal LTD our team have more than 30 years of experience in the field. We can listen to your requests and construct a customised plan suited to your needs, as well as check the details of any prepared contracts and ensure that you’re in the best position possible when negotiating.

Sports solicitors will need to represent clients from a range of organisations and disciplines, working with huge football clubs all the way down to grass-roots clubs. We have a varied pool of current and former clients, meaning that we always have the professionals most suitable for your situation. In addition to representing a number of sponsorship companies, we have experience of working with top sporting brands, ranging from nutritional companies to apparel providers.

Legal Advice

Sports law is a term that refers to the legal issues of athletes and sports organisations. Sports laws draw upon several other bodies, with the intricacies requiring extensive training and experience to understand. Matters to be handled by a sports solicitor may constitute:

●     Suing someone for breaching a contract.

●     Disputing terms of employment

●     Filing insurance claims following an injury

Blacks Legal is a professional law firm, specialising in residential and commercial matters. Whether you need support with employment law, family law, sports and entertainment or media law, we’ll match you with a legal representative that will provide the legal advice you need. We understand that handling a legal case can be stressful. Our legal firm is dedicated to ensuring that all legal matters are handled promptly, so action can be taken as straightforward as possible. Contact a legal service that you can trust today.

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