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Blacks Legal • Jan 12, 2022

Commercial property law covers the forms of ownership and tenancy in real property and personal properties. It also provides the principles in which disputes over property need to be resolved.

With this in mind, we are going to run through some of the key things to know about commercial property law to give you a bit of an overview of what it is and what it involves.

Commercial Property Law

Commercial property is classified as a property that is used for business purposes and also can be a reference to the land which generates some sort of profit for the owner. A legal professional who

works within the field of commercial property will be able to take care of all the necessary legalities of the buying or selling of the property in question.

What sectors use commercial property law?

This type of legal professional will be able to support a wide range of clients including but not limited to governments, landowners as well as property developers. With regards to pretty law, it is often the case that your solicitor is used to working with a wide range of people from a variety of backgrounds and sectors.

It is within their remit to be professional and adaptable. Some examples of the types of clients that use commercial property legal professionals include hotel owners, agricultural landowners addition to charity organisations. It also overlaps with a few other types of areas like construction law such as planning law and environmental law.

Commercial properties come in many forms and they commonly include:

●        Supermarkets and shops

●        Cafes

●        Industrial units

●        Schools, colleges and universities

●        Pubs and restaurants

If you’re new to commercial property law, or you’re simply looking for commercial property solicitors that understand the sector, we provide prompt and expert legal assistance, welcoming both tenants and landlords. To find out more, contact us today.

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