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Blacks Legal • Nov 04, 2021

Music lawyers specialise in the intricacies of music law, able to deal with complex legal issues surrounding all areas of the industry, from copyright law, to contract management and trademark disputes. Should you find yourself in the early stages of your professional music career, a specialised attorney in the field with help you negotiate deals and navigate pitfalls. Here are just some of the key reasons to hire a music lawyer:

Protect Your Brand

As you accelerate through the music industry, one of the first and most important hurdles you will need to clear is knowing and protecting your brand. You’ll need a stage name, a logo, an identity and an IP that defines your career. It’s vital this is protected. If it isn’t, anyone can legally copy your name and logo, making money from it over time. A music lawyer will advise you on trademarking or passing-off laws, and help maintain brand protection.

Know Your Rights

Every track you produce as an artist will contain several copyrights, from lyrics to samples, right up to the sound itself. Yes; even the sound is copyrighted. Things can get even more tricky if your track contains features or collaborations with other artists. This is why it’s so important everything is cleared and set out in writing well before any work begins in the studio. These issues are collectively referred to as “intellectual property rights”, complex ownership laws that need to be adhered to. A music lawyer can advise you on the complicated law, jargon and paperwork.

Clearing Samples

In the modern music industry, sampling has become an art form in itself. With its use in music more popular than ever, it’s vital you seek clearance from the appropriate channels, so your samples are legally allowed. Unless permission is obtained from the copyright holder, any use of sampling is classed as a copyright infringement. A music lawyer would help you negotiate a licence to gain legal use of the chosen sample.

Closing The Deal

Understandably, it can be exciting to receive the attention and recognition of a record label, but you must remember you’re about to sign a legally binding contract. Even in the negotiation stage, seeking independent advice is crucial to getting the best deal, but once the paperwork is written up, you’ll need them to make sure you’re not being screwed over! So, before anything is set in stone, be sure to seek professional legal counsel.

Are you ready to talk to a law firm and get some answers? At Blacks Legal, our music solicitors work with individuals and businesses across the music industry, and we have a range of talented lawyers who are proud to work with many renowned personalities and names in the entertainment and media sector. Contact us to set up an appointment.

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