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Blacks Legal • Dec 01, 2021

Renting property, whether as a temporary or permanent solution, should be a stress-free process, with an open, easy-going relationship shared between a tenant and their landlord. Naturally, however, there will be occasions where things can go wrong, with disagreements on both sides arising for several reasons. Regardless of who is to blame, there are still ways to resolve issues when they occur. Here, we look at four of the most important ways to resolve landlord-tenant disputes:

Verbal Communication

One of the best ways to prevent landlord-tenant disputes is through basic communication. It’s important to bring any problems to your landlord’s attention at the earliest opportunity, particularly if there is a serious issue or obvious damage that can be blamed on you. Landlord-tenant disputes often happen through lack of communication on both sides, with issues arising later because the appropriate action wasn’t taken earlier, often regarding simpler issues that could have been resolved. This is also true of late rent payments, if you’re struggling to pay your rent on time, speaking with your landlord early doors will take a lot of the pressure off, and prevent frustration or anger later.

Take Note

If you’ve noticed a pattern, and have now decided to take serious legal action, the next stage is to keep a formal document to provide specific dates and times for any misgivings, issues or challenges you have faced with either your property or landlord. Being as specific and accurate as possible is essential, this will give you vital evidence moving forward, emphasising the importance of details and dating. You should also take note of any interactions, correspondence or confrontations you have had, to provide further detail and context.


Deciding upon a comprehensive mediation solution is a smart way of allowing both parties in a dispute to be heard whilst at the same time maintaining individual interests and their sense of privacy. More affordable than the litigation process, mediation is a positive solution that has the potential to work in the short term at least, but does has the potential to cause further disputes later if previous behaviours and frictions return.

Court Settlement

Court settlements are often the final option for many when it comes to settling a dispute, as they are typically expensive, exhausting and long-lasting. Court settlements should really only be considered if you have tried every possible solution already and there has been no change in the nature of your relationship, or meaningful resolution found.

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