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Blacks Legal • Mar 09, 2022

The world of law is incredibly complex, with a huge number of legal practice areas for a prospective solicitor to specialise in. Sports and financial law come under the same umbrella as criminal and immigration law, and a solicitor could work within any of these broad areas as well as many more. Though most solicitors will specialise in one particular area, their main role is to act directly on behalf of their client (or clients), responsible for preparing documentation and representing or defending their broader legal interests. If you’re new to commercial property law, or looking for a commercial property solicitor that understands the sector, Blacks Legal Ltd are a solicitor firm that provide prompt and expert legal assistance, welcoming both tenants and landlords.

Continue reading to discover the role of a commercial property solicitor, and how these legal professionals can help landlords as well as tenants.

The Role Of A Commercial Property Solicitor

A commercial property solicitor is the broad title given to any solicitor who is responsible for dealing with legal issues that concern the property rented by commercial clients - This could include investors, developers, retailers, and public sector organisations. Acting for a range of clients due to the scope of the role, a commercial property solicitor maintains a number of diverse responsibilities dependent on who they are working for. Property is always being bought and sold and there are always contractual disputes cropping up between landlords and their tenants. The role of the commercial property solicitor is to assist their client with any delicate legal matters or come out on the right end of the disagreement for whichever party they are representing.

Drawing Up Leases

Landlords require a thoroughly detailed and professionally drawn up lease agreement to ensure their tenant is legally responsible for all aspects of their property occupation. This not only stretches to payment of rent, but also repair costs, legislative compliance and lots of other intricacies to do with the property and their tenancy. Tenants on the other hand require a formal lease agreement so that they are fully aware of what they and the landlord are responsible for, as well as defining the basis of their continued occupation. Whether the client is a small local shop or a large corporate business, Blacks Legal Ltd have a vast array of experience in drawing up appropriate leases to suit the situation.

Planning Applications

Though there are some exceptions, such as small changes to walls and fences, generally the law dictates that planning permission must be sought for all forms of property development. When buying or leasing a commercial property, it is a sensible idea to check if you need permission to use the building for a different purpose than it was originally intended. If you are in doubt, always seek the advice of a property professional on whether you will need to apply for permission, and if so, how likely that permission is to be approved. Overseeing a planning application is hardly easy, with time limits, serving the right notices and complying with strict regulations all frequent stumbling blocks to overseeing a successful application. Our team of experts can help to ease this burden.

Resolving Landlord And Tenant Disputes

Disputes relating to a commercial lease can be time consuming and costly, affecting a tenant’s business or a landlord’s investment. A commercial property solicitor will react quickly to provide important advice and assistance. Many disputes can be resolved early with the appropriate support, and the right property solicitor can provide clear insight into the outcome you should realistically expect from a claim. Regularly reviewing the terms of a lease is good practice to ensure they are still in keeping with your current situation. Disputes often arise on issues such as rent payment, responsibilities for repairs and break clauses. Ensure you are familiar with at least the general terms of your lease.

Shareholder Sale And Purchase Agreements

A solicitor firm can advise you on contracts for the sale and purchase of business assets, company share purchases or sales as well as mergers and acquisitions. Whether you are an individual selling shares in a company, the owner of a company looking to sell capital, or the purchaser of shares in a company, commercial property solicitors will be able to assist you. Experienced solicitors at Blacks Legal Ltd will be able to ensure that a buyer or seller is fully protected. Other ways in which a commercial property solicitor may be able to help a landlord or tenant include:

●     Assistance with trademark registrations

●     Organising franchise agreements

●     Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements

●     Partnership agreements

Specialist Solicitors At Blacks Legal Ltd

Solicitors at Blacks Legal Ltd specialise in several areas of law, with legal professionals available to handle matters promptly. Hire a legal service that you can trust today, with specialisms as varied as:

Civil Litigation

Legal cases can get complicated, so you may need litigation experts that offer a prompt and straightforward approach. Our dynamic team of lawyers are commercially aware, providing practical and targeted advice to support you or your business, helping you to get the best outcome. We’ll help you manage every aspect of your case, including gathering evidence, preparing documents and understanding the financial costs. Civil litigation services can include beneficial interest claims, boundary disputes, disputes with lenders, land registration, tribunal cases and possession proceedings.

Sports, Entertainment And Media Solicitors

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, we know the sports and entertainment industries like the back of our hands. When it comes to handling contracts, we check the fine details and ensure that you’re in the best legal position possible. Our team includes sports solicitors who will provide legal support, as well as entertainment and media experts. We customise every one of our plans to fit your needs exactly. Whether it’s a new football signing or the complex terms for a music publishing agreement, we provide comprehensive advice and guidance.

Family Law

We can tackle unique situations because we stay on top of training, ensuring that our family law specialists are in keeping with changing laws and regulations. We have specific divorce lawyers who are adept at handling divorce, which is a very difficult and delicate time for all those involved. Regardless of what your case is, our team is dedicated to supporting you. We have worked with clients from all walks of life including those with a high net worth or a considerable public profile. Detailed legal advice can be provided once we've consulted with you and ascertained the nature of your case.

Employment Law

Employment law needs to be adhered to when terminating the employment of an employee. Settlement agreements in particular are often used by employers in these situations. It will usually involve the employer making a compensation payment to the employee in exchange for a guarantee that they will be safe from future claims. Whether you're the employee or the employer, Blacks Legal can help provide guidance when it comes to an agreement of this kind.

Immigration Law

Whether you're looking to establish a business within the UK or are part of a family looking to relocate here, our immigration team can assist no matter the complexity of your case. We pride ourselves on the flexibility and the outstanding service we provide to clients. We provide a dedicated service to support clients and their families with application of residency, offering guidance as to the best solution, and we consistently maintain the highest standards throughout our service provision.

Blacks Legal Ltd: Your Local Legal Service Specialising In Commercial Property Law

If you need advice on commercial property law, Blacks Legal’s team of specialist commercial property solicitors offer a wide range of expertise. Whether your property development speciality is commercial or residential, large or small, Blacks Legal has the legal expertise you need to keep moving forward. With our legal support, you can stay up to date with legal developments and manage your property needs easily.

At Blacks Legal, we're committed to not only meet the requirements of our clients but to exceed them, providing fast action commercial property advice, as well as supporting our clients in growing their portfolio with amazing investments. Legal matters can quickly go wrong when you don’t have experts on your side, but we have the experience to deliver high-quality results. Please contact us to discuss how our solicitor firm can help with any of your commercial property needs.

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